About Us

With Passion for Roleplaying games in Malmö!

We are a non-profit association consisting of enthusiastic people who all love to play roleplaying games.

The goal of the association is to produce wonderful and epic gaming opportunities, consisting of players and Game Masters, in a safe and stimulating environment.

Everyone are welcome to visit us and try out the roleplaying experience for themselves on our schedualed events.

On these occasions, you can talk to members, discuss the game, membership, become a member, participate in games and workshops or just watch others play.

Become a Member!

To create our esteemed assembly, a platform is needed for us to stand on - the Association!

At Rollspelssällskapet, everyone is welcome, young and old to enjoy all that a gaming opportunity can offer!

During our activities, the association makes sure there is room for everyone to participate, tea or coffee to enjoy during the game, as well as provide everything that you may need to be able to experience the game to the fullest!

The association's vision is also to provide a safe and reinforcing environment for aspiring Game Masters.

Do you feel that the next step for you is to start lead games, or are you curious about what it actually means to lead a game, we are here to support, help and answer all the questions we can!

You can participate twice in our open activities to try things out before becoming a member.

Benefits of being a member

To become a member:


Monday Night Adventure Time!

TIME: Mondays at 17.00
Facebook Event

Friday Night Adventure Time!

TIME: Fridays on even weeks, at 17.00
Facebook Event

Both are open roleplaying evenings where everyone interested are welcome no matter knowledge level.

You will find our current campaigns and one-shots on or Facebook page or in our Facebook group.

Everyone is welcome!


Annual meetings

Please note that these are written in Swedish

Annual meeting 2020
Annual meeting 2019
Extra Annual meeting 1 2018
Extra Annual meeting 2 2018
Annual meeting 2018

Board meetings

Most of these are in English

Board meeting 2020
Board meeting 2019
Board meeting 2018
Board meeting 2017

Find us


Spelens hus
c/o Rollspelssällskapet
Nobelvägen 145A
212 15 Malmö

Entrance towards Ellstorpsgatan


Stop: Ellstorp

Lines: 3, 6 & 33


Parking can be found along Idaborgsgatan and Ellstorpsgatan.


Rollspelssällskapets values ​​are intended to ensure an sustainable and inclusive setting where all members feel accepted and welcome by allowing them to express themselves and interact in a safe and supportive environment.

The following points clarify the basic rules that apply for the association:

The following points clarify the basic rules that apply to activities:


Get in touch!

If you have any questions, are unsure of any information or generally just want to say hello, we will be happy to answer them!

We strive to answer you as quickly as we can!

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