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Rollspelssällskapet at Malmö Game Week Unplugged!

We from the Rollspelssällskapet will be present at Malmö Game Week Unplugged 2022.
NOTE! Admission requires a free ticket from https://kippu.events/sv/store/order/132

Planned activities


For both beginners and experienced - a slightly longer format that allows one to get a real feel for what role-playing games offer

Drop-in games (D&D5E and Shoot them in the head)

Constantly ongoing adventure where you can participate as much or as little as you want - perfect if you just want to try for a few minutes and roll a few dice

Battle Royale Tournament (D&D 5E)

A tournament where you create your own character and then face other players in a series of battles where only one can survive.
Pre-registration required. Maximum 64 participants.

Information and rules for Battle Royal

Sunday 3/7 at 12-18 at Malmö Game Week.


All players are divided into different tables of 4-5 players to compete in the first round.
There will be a total of 3 rounds where each round lasts for a maximum of
2 hours. The rounds are divided as follows: Start - Semifinal - Final

NOTE! The times can vary, if all tables end earlier, the next round starts earlier.

Start 12.00:
All players are divided at different tables to compete in the first round.
Depending on the number, 1-2 players advance from each table.

Semifinal start approx. 14.15:
The surviving players are divided at new tables to compete again.
1 survivor from each table advances to the final

Final start approx. 17:
All final players go on to compete to become the ultimate winner of the Battle Royale and win the final prize!

Lvl: 10
Stats: 8-10-12-13-14-15

To gain access to magic items:
Each participant is awarded 5000g

Cost of magic items:

Legendary / Artifact: 3000g

Very Rare: 2500g

Rare: 2000g

Uncommon: 1500g

Common: 1000g

Other equipment cost as in books

Prohibited classes / races:

Prohibited spells:

Prohibited items:


Planar spells

Healing potions

Bear totem Barbarian

Banish spells

Vorpal leaves

Deck of many things


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